Our very best service level, our Platinum package features organic fertilizer, soil treatments, and air and thach.

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The gold service level is a great too but does take a little longer before you begin to see a great healthy end result.

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Think of this package as "the weeds have to go" solution! Faster weed control but not 100% organic.

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Organic Lawn Care Made Simple

Organic Lawn Care and Maintenance is much simpler and more affordable than you might realize. Most of us have accepted the idea that a green, attractive lawn can only be obtained through the user of synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides. The fact of the matter is, that a healthy organic lawn will naturally withstand weed and insect invasions better and safer than a non-organic lawn. All but the toughest weeds are nothing against a thick, strong, deep-rooted lawn.

Organic Lawn Care in Augusta, GA

Cut Back on Weeds!

No, we are not talking about cutting them down, we are talking about eliminating them before they start!  When you have a healthy, organic lawn it will naturally withstand weed and insect infestations without the use of harsh, harmful chemicals. Most weeds cannot stand up to a thick, strong, deep-rooted lawn backed by the power of robust soil.

Be Kind to the Environment

We are as excited as you are to keep our planet as clean as possible and that is why our clean air lawn maintenance program is the earth friendliest way to maintain your lawn.  According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, a gas powered, push mower, emits as much pollution, in ONE hour as eleven cars! That is why we use only rechargeable (NO GAS POWERED) machines to provide you and the earth with the best possible service!

SAFE for Your Whole Family

Kids and pets love to play on the lawn. You may not think about it but when they come into contact with the grass, the delicate skin on their bare feet (or bare paws) are exposed to every chemical you have used to treat your lawn. By using organic lawn services, you are providing a safer, healthier environment to encourage their outdoor play!

Organic LawnZ Wants to Help You

We are dedicated to helping the families in the CSRA create better environments for us all.  With our multiple service levels there is an offering for every need and budget. Be sure to check our Facebook page for deals and promotions!

Next Steps...

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